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Military Leave

It is the University’s policy to support our students who have been called to serve Our country. No student should be disadvantaged by being called to military service. The University will make every effort to restore students returning from military duty to the status they held upon their departure.

With regard to academic standing, students will be withdrawn with no penalty. If classes are in session at the time of call up, each case will be evaluated individually and instructors consulted as appropriate. Students will be readmitted at the next reasonably available period (typically the beginning of the next semester following their return from the military).

For students receiving financial aid, the situation can become complex. The Financial Aid office has prepared guidelines for students called to active duty. Given the differences in the programs of external lenders, students will have the responsibility to work with those lenders directly to obtain deferments as prescribed by federal law. The University will restore merit and departmental scholarships in accordance with its policies.

All of the University’s student business offices are attuned to the needs of our students being activated and will make every effort to provide support. Please contact the Dean of Students at 860-486-3426. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School directly. That office can provide the guidance and referrals to facilitate a smooth transition to students as they leave for active duty and upon their safe return.


Information For Students Called To Active Duty

It is the goal of the University of Connecticut to make the transition to active duty as easy as possible, and proceed in a way that is most beneficial to students. Because every student’s situation is unique based on course load, financial aid status and date called to activity duty, each student will be handled on a case by case basis.

To initiate the process of exiting from the University, contact the Dean of Students at 860-486-3426. The office will gather the pertinent information, process the necessary paperwork and work with appropriate UConn departments to ensure smooth, timely processing.

Reservists/National Guard Members and Veterans with Student Loans

  • Complete Loan Exit Counseling on the Financial Aid website
  • Notify lenders that you have been called to active duty, and provide documentation as required.
  • Loans with an in-school status will remain as such, provided the period of active duty is greater than 30 days.
  • Loans in repayment will be placed in forbearance for the expected period of active duty, up to one year.
  • Although it is not required, it is recommended that documentation of the call to active duty be maintained in the Office of Student Financial Aid Services (SFAS). This will allow SFAS to provide information to lenders as requested by  the student.
  • While abroad on active duty, it is recommended that students contact SFAS via email at

Reservists/National Guard Members/Veterans called to duty who have University merit scholarships will have their eligibility deferred until they are readmitted at the next reasonable available period (typically the beginning of the next semester following their discharge).
Reservists/National Guard Members/Veterans called to duty who have scholarships from an academic school/college will have their eligibility deferred until they are readmitted at the next reasonable available period (typically the beginning of the next semester following their discharge).


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