2017-2018 Non-Degree Graduate Course Tuition and Fees

No. of Credits Course Fee University Fee Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Technology Fee Transit Fee Total
1 806 236 59 30 60 1,191
2 1,612 236 59 30 60 1,997
3 2,418 236 59 30 60 2,803
4 3,224 236 59 30 60 3,609
5 4,030 472 117 30 60 4,709
6 4,836 472 117 30 60 5,515
7 5,642 472 117 30 60 6,321
8 6,448 472 117 30 60 7,127
9+ 7,250 708 234 30 60 8,282

Please Note: There is a $65 non-refundable registration fee during the winter and summer intersession. During the fall and spring semester a $65 non-refundable cancellation fee will be charged if you withdraw or cancel.

Please visit our Refund Policy for further information.

*The Transit Fee is waived for Online Courses

**Excludes other class-specific fees such as lab fees and online course fees

Failure to Pay your Bill on Time

Hold Policy

Students with outstanding balances on their fee bills will have a “Bursar hold” placed on their accounts. This hold prevents students from accessing services such as class registration, recreation services, library services, parking services, transcripts and other important services.
All students are billed by e-mail notification only. Failing to receive an e-mail bill notification does not absolve the student of the responsibility of payment by the due date. Students have 24/7 access to view any term fee bill through accessing their student account.

Late Fee Policy

A late payment fee of $150 is payable by all non-degree students whose tuition and fees are not paid in full on the published fee bill due date. If after Day 10 of the semester, your bill remains unpaid you will be assessed a second $150 late fee. Checks returned by the bank for any reason are considered a late payment. Additionally, students will have services such as class registration denied if all fees have not been paid by the due date. Students enrolled in the payment plan will receive a $50 late fee for each late installment.

**Please note: If you enroll in courses after the established due date- payments are due within three (3) business days.

Non-Degree Payment Information