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The mission of the Non Student Accounts Receivable department is to ensure accuracy and integrity of the Non Student Accounts Receivable balances in the University’s General Ledger. Our goal is to assist departments in maintaining compliance with university policy and standard operating procedures; as well as, strengthen internal controls as they relate to accounts receivable.

What We Do

The Non Student Accounts Receivable Office performs various functions for the University, some of the most commonly performed duties are:

  • Billing of all non-student related charges rendered by the University, including processing invoices to external customers and faculty/staff receivables.
  • Processes State of Connecticut Transfer Invoices to invoice other State of Connecticut agencies through the Core-CT Billing System (where the University is the creditor).
  • Collaborates and provides assistance to University Departments in order to charge their customers for goods and/or services provided by the University. This includes brief training sessions with KFS end-users or departmental administrative staff to familiarize themselves with the KFS Accounts Receivable Module and its functionality, specifically, creating new customers, posting customer invoices and entering customer credit memos.
  • Provides KFS end-users with helpful documentation/handouts to become a more efficient KFS user.
  • Interacts with University Departments and their customers regarding customer account inquiries/balances due to the University.
  • Forwards quarterly statements to customers with balances due.
  • Forwards past due customers dunning letters requesting payment.
  • Places past due customer accounts with an outside collection agency.

Note:  The collection of payments is handled by Cash Operations.  Please see the Cash Operations web page at the following link for more detailed information:  Cash Operations.

External Resources for UConn Customers

Payment Options and Remittance Information

University of Connecticut W-9 Form.pdf

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Contact information

For general Non Student Accounts Receivable inquiries, please email

The Accounts Receivable Office is located at the following address:

UConn Accounts Receivable
Wilbur Cross Building
233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4073
Storrs, CT  06269-4073

Contact information for Accounts Receivable staff