Become an Authorized User

Becoming an Authorized User is a very important step to becoming involved and staying informed about your student’s University Fee Bill.

Follow the steps below with your student(s) to become an Authorized User:

  1. Ask your student to log into their Student Administration Account and navigate to the "Bursar Services" tile > Pay Bill, Authorize Users.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the tabs along the top of the screen, select My Account and then click on “Authorized Users” below.
  3. Click on “Add an Authorized User” and fill in your email address.
  4. In order to view your student’s fee bill and other financial information it is very important that you answer “yes” to both options listed.
  5. Then click “Add User” review the agreement and click “I Agree”.
  6. An email will be sent to your email address with your log-in information and a link to the log-in site.
  7. Follow the instructions to log-in and fill out the prompted information fields.

If you wish to create more than one authorized user, simply follow the above instructions again.

You and your student will receive an email notification when a Fee Bill has been generated and is ready to view. You can also view “Current Activity” to see up-to-date information, make free e-check payments, or sign up for the UConn Payment Plan!

Important: Authorized User access is not the same as being a designee on the FERPA Privacy Waiver.