Fall 2021 FAQ

Paying your bill

1. Has the Fall 2021 semester due date changed?

No. Undergraduate fee bills are due August 1st.  Graduate fee bills are due August 27th.  Please see our Important Dates at the bottom of our homepage (bursar.uconn.edu) for more details.

2. Have the Fall 2021 semester payment plan dates changed?

Yes! The installments are pushed back for the Fall 2021 semester only and are due 7/31, 8/31, 9/30, and 10/31.

3. Can I mail a check to pay the outstanding balance due on my current fee bill? 

Yes.  However, since there is a delay in receiving checks/money orders in the mail, we highly recommend paying your fee bill using one of the online payment options described at https://bursar.uconn.edu/payments-page/ if you are paying close to a deadline.

4. Are other UConn campuses accepting check payments? 

Students at regional campuses should consult their campus staff to ensure that they are processing check payments. All students are strongly encouraged to make payments using one of the online options described at https://bursar.uconn.edu/payments-page/.

5. I am experiencing extreme financial hardship, does the University have any resources to assist me? 

Students who are facing unexpected financial hardship are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services at financialaid@uconn.edu. Financial Aid will work to determine what, if any, supplemental financial support may be provided, or may refer students to the Students First Fund, which is administered by the Dean of Students office.

6. Why can I view my bill in two different website locations and why are they different?

Prior to each semester, students and authorized users are notified by e-mail when their e-bill is ready to be viewed.  Students and Authorized Users are directed to the e-bill and Payment Suite Login to view and pay their bills.  These bills are static based on the date the bill was uploaded into the system.  To see the most up-to-date fee bill information on this site, please refer to Account Activity while logged into the e-bill and Payment Suite.

When students and delegated users log into the Student Administration system, they may also view their fee bill.  These bills display all charges, credits, refunds, and anticipated deferrals as they are posted.  This bill is always up-to-date.

7. I am a parent.  Why can I view one bill but not the other?

At UConn, students may provide direct access to certain portions of their education records. Students also have the ability to provide permission for certain offices at UConn to discuss records held or managed by that office and/or services provided to the student through that office. Different processes are required for each of these options.

There are currently three different options that students can grant:

  • Talk – Discuss Student Information with University Officials
  • Access – View Certain Education Records (including access to view the fee bill in the Student Administration system)
  • Pay – Make payments on behalf of a student (including access to view e-bill and Payment Suite)

Further explanation on how to permit UConn to discuss and/or share student information or records is available online.

8. Where can I find more information regarding FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)?

Please visit ferpa.uconn.edu for more information on how FERPA applies to UConn students and their families.


9. I am expecting a refund as a result of a recent award (e.g. scholarship, grant, student loan, etc.). When can I expect to receive the refund? 

Eligible refunds based off excess financial aid will be automatically refunded at the start of the semester.  Refunds based off other funds must be requested by the student through the Student Administration system.

Direct deposit refunds are issued daily.  We strongly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit.

Paper check refunds are issued once a week and mailed directly to the student’s mailing address.  Checks cannot be picked-up in person.

Tuition and fees

10. Why must I pay mandatory fees?

All mandatory fees must be paid to support programs and services at UConn.

Every student must acknowledge and agree to the SF Responsibility Agreement prior to being able to register for classes, which states in part:

“I understand that when I enroll at the University of Connecticut (the “University”) or receive any service from the University, it is my responsibility to pay, by the scheduled due date, all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of my enrollment and/or receipt of services.”

For the full SF Responsibility Agreement, please review the SF Responsibility Agreement FAQ: https://bursar.uconn.edu/sf-responsibility-agreement-faq/

For a full explanation of fees, please review the Description of Fees: https://bursar.uconn.edu/description-of-fees/

11. Can my tuition and fees be discounted? Can the Office of the Bursar change my tuition and fees? 

The University approved the amounts for tuition and fees as proposed by senior leadership for Academic Year 2021-2022. The Office of the Bursar does not have the authority to change tuition and fee rates once established.

12. Have any fees been reduced for students regardless of modality?

No.  The University is not offering an online-only fee discount.  Please refer to our tuition and fees pages for your particular program.

13. I already have an additional form of health insurance and do not need it through UConn. How can I waive this?

The health insurance can be waived up until September 15th. To waive insurance, navigate to your student center and follow the directions below.

Please note that you MUST log into StudentAdmin under your student account at https://studentadmin.uconn.edu/ before you can complete these instructions.

To waive the health insurance:


The health insurance waiver must be completed every year.  The waiver only covers one academic year at a time.

If you are receiving an error message when filling out the form, please make sure you are using your netID (ex. abc12345).

Other charges 

14. Can I waive the Recreation Center fee if I don’t use the gym?  

No The Office of the Bursar does not have the authority to change tuition and fee rates once established.

The Recreation Center’s webpage is located here: https://recreation.uconn.edu/.

15. Why is my enrollment deposit not showing on my bill?  

Your enrollment deposit fee confirms your commitment to attend the University of Connecticut and is applied toward your orientation program. It is paid through the Admissions Department and does not go through the Office of the Bursar. Your enrollment deposit fee is not applied directly to your tuition.

Contact information

16. How can I contact the Office of the Bursar?

Please call us at (860) 486-4830, 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday to speak with a Bursar representative.

If you have any questions, please email us at bursar@uconn.edu or use our live chat at bursar.uconn.edu.  We will be back in the Wilbur Cross building starting on August 15, and will be available to accept walk-ins at that time. The office will remain cashless and will accept only check payments in-person.

17. Who can I contact for information regarding registration, financial aid, and housing?

The Office of the Registrar has updates located on their website: https://registrar.uconn.edu/

The Office of Financial Aid Services has more information available at their website: https://financialaid.uconn.edu/

Residential Life has a Fall 2021 Housing FAQ located here: https://reslife.uconn.edu/fall-housing-faq/