Frequently Asked Questions on the UConn Payment Plan

Q. What if an Authorized User forgets their password?
A. Authorized Users who forget their password should go to the Payment Suite and click on the Password Hint option and select the option to receive an email with the password. Please wait 30 minutes to sign in. If you did not bookmark the login page please refer to the original email you received when your student authorized you as a user.

Q. What happens if I enroll after the first installment is due?
A. You may enroll up until Day 10 of classes, however, because the due date for the first installment has passed, you will be required to make your past due payment at the time of enrollment using the payment plan website.

Q. Who can enroll in the installment payment plan?
A. Any matriculated student in an undergraduate, graduate, graduate certificate or professional program at UConn.

Q. When can we begin signing up for the installment payment plan?
A. Enrollment for the fall payment plan is expected to begin on July 2nd and enrollment for the spring payment plan is expected to begin on November 25th.

Q. How much does it cost to enroll in the plan?
A. The enrollment fee is a $100 non-refundable fee per semester and is due at the time of enrollment.

Q. How do you access or sign up for the plan?
A. Log into your Student Administration Account and select the "Bursar Services" tile. From there, select "Pay Bill & Authorize Users" and click on the UConn Payment Plan link. Select the "Payment Plans" tab at the top of the webpage and select the semester plan you would like to enroll in.

Q. Can I let someone else set up and manage my payment plan for me?
A. Yes. Once in the e-Bill and Payment Suite you may grant payment plan access to one or more authorized users, such as a parent. However, the authorized user will have a separate login and password which will be received via email.

Q. Is there a late fee for late installment payments?
A. Yes. A late fee of $50 applies to each late installment payment.

Q. How do I make my installment payments?
A. There are three ways to make your payments.

  1. Pay online by e-check while inside the Payment Suite.
  2. Pay online by a credit or debit card through the standard Student Administration Account (2.85% convenience fee applies).
  3. Send a check to:

The University of Connecticut
Office of the Bursar, Unit 4100
233 Glenbrook Rd.
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4100

You may also mail payments to your regional campus Bursar’s office. Note: Please ensure your Student ID number or NetID is indicated on the memo line of your check.

4. Bring in a check or cash to the Storrs Bursar's Office, or a check to your regional campuses bursar's office.

Q. What is the cutoff date for enrolling in the plan?
A. Students may enroll as late as the 10th day of classes. However, all previously scheduled installment payments will be due upon enrollment. In general, students should enroll prior to August 1 (fall) and January 8 (spring) to avoid a hold on your account.

Q. Will I be notified if the fee bill is modified?
A. Yes. The plan automatically sends out email notifications concerning changes in your fee bill and the impact on your payment plan. This eliminates the risk of under-budgeting or over-budgeting.

Q. Do I need to keep adjusting my payment plan for new charges or credits applied to my account?
A. No. As new charges and credits are applied to your fee bill, the remaining installments will automatically be recalculated and you will be notified by email.

Q. Can charges from prior semesters be included in the payment plan?
A. No. Charges from a prior semester/intersession/summer term must be paid before enrolling in the plan.

Q. Can a student have more than one payment plan?
A. No. Students are only permitted to have one payment plan but may grant access to multiple users to review or make payments.