Graduate Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why isn’t my tuition waiver on my account?

A. You are either not registered for 6 or more credits, or the Payroll Office has not received your completed paperwork from your department.


Q. Why do I still owe the fees when my tuition has been waived?

A. A Graduate Assistantship offers a full tuition waiver and is provided by the grant/contract funding agency (for research assistants) or the University (for teaching assistants). Tuition (but not the General University Fee, the Graduate Matriculation Fee, or other fees) is waived for Graduate Assistants.


Q. When is the last day to sign up for payroll deductions?

A. Graduate payroll deduction is open until Day 10 of the fall and spring semester.


Q. Why do I still owe fees when a fellowship is posted to my account?

A. Fellowships only can be refunded to the student and cannot pay any fees except the NRA taxes.