2019-2020 Incoming Students Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Undergraduate Storrs In-State Out-of-State NE Regional
Tuition 13,798 36,466 22,816
University and Student Fees* 3,428 3,428 3,428
On-Campus Housing 2 7,238 7,238 7,238
On-Campus Meal Plan ³ 6,020 6,020 6,020
Subtotal Direct Costs 30,484 53,152 39,502
Waivable Fee: Health Insurance 4 2,795 2,795 2,795
Waivable Fee: PIRG Fee 5 10 10 10
Subtotal Direct Costs (Plus Waivable Fees) 33,289 55,957 42,307

These figures represent the typical tuition and fees and do not include Financial Aid or Scholarships in the calculations. This is only an estimated amount, as the fees for dorms, meals, course fees, etc. can vary.

Description of Fees:

(*) - Mandatory fees for Storrs students.

(2)- The room charge is based on a standard double which is what most incoming students receive. 2019-2020 Housing Rates. Financial Aid uses an average room charge when calculating Cost of Attendance.

(3)- The meal plan is based on the Value meal plan. 2019-2020 Dining Rates

(4) – All full-time students are required to be covered by health insurance. Students are therefore automatically billed for the University’s health insurance plan every Fall. If the student is already covered, they can waive the health insurance fee in their Student Administration account. For specific information regarding the University health insurance plan, please visit the Student Health Services website.

(5) - This is an optional fee which may be waived in your Student Administration account once your fee bill is available.

Estimated Direct AND Indirect Costs are provided by the Office of Financial Aid Services.