Instructions for International Payments

Instructions for International Payment: Convera GlobalPay for Students

Step 1: Go to the UConn Convera Page. Multiple languages offered!  Select your language in the upper right hand corner of the page.


Step 2: Register the Payment

  • Select which country you will be sending your payment from
  • Enter the USD amount you wish to pay to your fee bill
  • Click “Get a quote”
  • Select your desired payment option.  Possible options include:
    • Bank Transfer – Select your local currency (or send in USD for $20.00 fee)
    • E-Payment Service (Geoswift, SOFOR, etc.) if applicable
    • Pay at Convera Location (additional fees may be incurred)
  • Input the student information: 7-Digit Student ID number, First Name, Last Name, UConn email address, Payment Type (Tuition Fees Room and Board: for fee bill payment)
  • Enter additional payment details: Who is Paying, Payer Name, Payer Email Address, Payer Street Address
  • Enter the Bank Name and Bank Country that will be sending payment to Convera. Note: This may be auto-filled depending on the choice you selected for payment option on the previous screen
  • Elect preferred language for payment instructions
  • After reading, check the box next to “I agree to the Terms of Use”
  • Click “Proceed to payment”
  • Review and Print Instructions

Step 3: Make the Payment

  • Print and follow the Payment Instructions. Contact your bank, financial institution, or e-payment service (online, phone, or in-person) to initiate the payment to Convera. Confirmation and Payment Instructions will also be sent to the payer’s email.
  • Initiate your payment with your bank as soon as possible to ensure the payment is received by Convera by the date and time on the final confirmation page. Request that your bank include the Payment Reference Number provided on your confirmation and instructions when sending the funds.
  • Reminders: If you elected to pay in foreign currency, your bank must send the payment in that foreign currency. The exchange rate quoted is valid for only 72 hours. Funds received after the 72 hour cut off are subject to a new rate.
  • Once Convera receives the payment from your bank, the funds will be transferred to UConn and the payment will be posted to your fee bill.


Note: these procedures apply to student payments.  For departmental payments, please click here.