To request a refund, please log into your Student Administration account and complete the following steps.

Student Forms:

Appeal a Late Fee

  • Extenuating circumstances only for late fees posted in the current semester.
  • Do not attempt to appeal a late fee if you have not yet received one on your bill.
  • Please allow 7 business days for a response to your appeal, or until after Day 10 if it is the beginning of the semester.
  • Your billĀ must be paid in full (except the late fee) for an appeal to be considered.
  • If you are not the student, you must include your 4-character FERPA PIN. If you do not have a FERPA PIN, please have your student create one.

    No Refund Hold Add/Remove Request Form

    Outside Scholarship Deferment Request

    Parent Plus Credit Balance Hold Authorization

    Parent Plus Cancel Credit Balance

    Department Forms:

    UConn W9

    Cash Receipt Form

    Grant Advice

    Scholarship Disbursement Request Form

    • Sent to the Financial Aid Office