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Important Date Timeline

  • Mid- June: Undergraduate Fee Bills are released
  • Mid- July: Graduate Fee Bills are released
  • July 20th (7/20): Fall Payment Plan Installment Due & Final Date to Enroll in 5 month Payment Plan
  • August 1st (8/1): Fall Undergraduate Fee Bill Due
  • August 20th (8/20): Fall Payment Plan Installment Due & Final Date to Enroll in 4 month Payment Plan
  • August 26th (8/26): Fall Graduate Fee Bill Due
  • August 29th (8/29): First Day of Fall Semester
  • September 15th (9/15): Health Insurance Waiver Deadline
  • September 20th (9/20): Fall Payment Plan Installment Due & Final Date to Enroll in 3 Month Payment Plan
  • October 16th (10/16): Private Scholarship Deferment Due Date
  • October 20th (10/20): Fall Payment Plan Installment Due
  • Mid- November: Spring Fee Bill Released
  • November 20th (11/20): Fall Payment Plan Installment Due
  • January 8th (1/8): Spring Fee Bill Due
  • January 13th (1/13): Graduate Fee Bill Due
  • January 17th (1/17): First Day of Spring Semester

3 Types of Access

At UConn, students may provide direct access to certain portions of their education records. Students also have the ability to provide permission for certain offices at UConn to discuss records held or managed by that office and/or services provided to the student through that office. Different processes are required for each of these options.

This page provides you with information on the various ways students can provide the University with the documentation it needs to share certain records or discuss their contents where prior written consent is required.

FERPA stands for the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which protects your students information and educational records. Under FERPA, your student has certain rights regarding their educational records, including the right to have access to their own educational records, and the right to have control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from their records (except in certain circumstances specified by FERPA regulations). FERPA requires University faculty, staff, vendors and affiliates (known as school officials) to protect their educational records and the information contained in those records. School officials can only share the contents of those records in accordance with FERPA’s requirements including only sharing or discussing the contents of the records with the students prior written consent.

For more information please visit UConn’s FERPA page.


Add a FERPA Talk User

Access to talk to UConn employees regarding students’ bills, financial aid, and other inquiries.

To add a user, have your student follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to and select the “Share My Information” tab
  2. Click the “Manage Designees” button under the phone icon
  3. Sign in with netID (ex. abc12345) and password
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Add Designee”
  5. Input the designee’s information, create a 4 character code
  6. Select the “Student Financial Information” permission
  7. Click save and submit

As a guardian, you will need this code each time you call UConn regarding your student’s account.



     Add an Authorized User  

Becoming an Authorized User is a very important step to becoming involved and staying informed about your student’s University fee bill. 

Note, Authorized Users do not receive e-bill notifications for the summer and winter sessions.

Students are able to grant one or more authorized users access to their financial information, including the ability to view charges on the account, pay the bill, or enroll in a payment plan. An authorized user can be parent/guardian, family member, employer, or any other person the student wishes to have access to their account. Adding an authorized user to an account is quick and easy.

To add an Authorized User, have your student follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and sign in with your netID (ex. abc12345) and password
  2. Select the “Bursar Services” tile
  3. On the left-hand side select the “Pay Bill & Authorize Users” option
  4. Click “Actions” on the upper right-hand side and select “Manage Authorized Users”
  5. Enter the name and email address for your Authorized User
  6. The Authorized User will receive an email to create a password and set-up the account

For any questions, please contact the Flywire Customer Support Team at 1-857-287-3823 or



Add a Delegate User

Access for parents to log into Student Administration system under their own log in.

Click here for steps to add a guardian as a delegate user. For additional questions, please reach out to our IT Office at 860-486-4357 or







Private Scholarships

Students who receive private scholarships that have not yet been listed as a credit on their bill can request to have the value of the scholarship deferred. Scholarships that are contingent on grades, credits or GPA cannot be deferred. All deferral requests for the fall must be made before 10/16 and 3/16 for the spring.

For more information on scholarship deferrals please visit the Private Scholarship Deferment page

For questions about scholarships visit our Questions About Scholarships page

Financial Aid 

For questions about University scholarships, FAFSA, aid eligibility, loans, grants, etc., visit our Financial Aid website

529 Payment Plans

To pay with a 529 plan parents must contact and request a check from the plan provider. When mailing in 529 checks be sure to include Unit 4100 in the address and the students ID number on the check. We will not receive the check if the students ID and Unit 4100 are not included. Payments by 529 can be deferred for up to 3 weeks.

Office of the Bursar

University of Connecticut

233 Glenbrook Rd, UNIT 4100

Storrs, CT 06029-4100


For more information on 529 Plans visit our Payments Page then select “College Savings/529 Plan”

Tax Form 1098-T

The Form 1098-T is a tuition statement that colleges and universities are required to issue to most students who paid for “qualified educational expenses” in the preceding calendar year.  Qualified educational expenses include tuition and mandatory enrollment fees as well equipment fees that is required for your courses. However, the University is not required to prepare Form 1098-T for every student even if they paid for qualified educational expenses.

For more information on tax form  1098-T please visit and contact for any questions.

Waiving Health Insurance 

All students are required to have a health insurance and are automatically enrolled in university health insurance. Students who already have health insurance can submit a waiver to unenroll in the provided health insurance and get the fee taken off their bill. To waive health insurance have your student log in to their Student Admin portal and go to the Bursar Services tile. The select waivers and health waivers.

For more information please visit our waiving health insurance page