Payment Plan Enrollment

The University of Connecticut is pleased to offer an optional payment plan that lets students spread each semester’s charges (fall and spring ONLY) into four monthly payments. Best of all, the payment plan is set up quickly and easily on a self-service basis directly in the Student Administration System.

The plan is interest-free, however, there is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 per semester, and it is necessary to re-enroll in the plan each semester.  The $100 enrollment fee must be paid at the time of enrollment each semester.

*Charges from prior semesters, including winter intersession and summer, must be paid beforehand, and cannot be included in the payment plan.

For interested families, enrollment begins when the fall fee bills are released for the fall semester, and when the spring fee bills are released for the spring semester.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions on the UConn Payment Plan for more information.

How to Enroll

  1. Login to the Student Administration System. Navigate to the “Bursar Services” and select “Pay bill & Authorize Users”. Once there, click the Payment Plan tab at the top of the page and select the current semester.
  2. Authorized Users (parent, spouse, etc.) may enroll in a plan by signing into the Payment Suite

More Details

  • Installments are due on July, August, September, and October 15th  for the fall payment plan, and December, January, February and March 15th for the spring payment plan.
  • Fall 2021 installments are due on 7/31, 8/31, 9/30 and 10/31.
  •  Enrollment in the payment plan is open until Day 10 of classes, however, any missed installments are due at time of enrollment.
  • Since payment plan budgets are tied directly to the University fee bill, Students and Authorized Users will receive automatic e-mail notifications concerning changes to fee bills and the impact on the payment plan budget.
  • Choose to sign up for scheduled payments – this option allows students or authorized users to schedule installments to be automatically deducted from an account each month.
  • Each installment which is late will result in a $50.00 late fee (up to $200.00).