The UConn Office of the Bursar has transitioned to a new payment platform powered by Flywire. The new payment system will provide users with robust features and a simple design that makes it easier than ever to navigate the sometimes stressful and confusing process of making education payments.

The University offers a variety of payment options. We do not accept cash or payment over the phone.

If you are at a regional campus or professional school, please visit the website for your campus for additional payment information.

Please note we cannot accept over payments on student accounts and we do not accept payments for future fee bills, terms, or academic years.

The following payment options are available for all student fee bills. Students can pay via the Student Administration System, and Authorized users can pay via the Payment Suite.

Student Administration Login

Payment Suite Login

Electronic Billing

1. Log into the Student Administration System with the student NetID and password.

2. Once logged in, Under the "Bursar Services" tile, click on "Pay Bill & Authorize Users"

3. Go to the Payment Suite

  • View payment history
  • Store payment methods for quick and easy payment
  • As a student, provide permission to others (parents, employers, etc.) to view your bill and make payments

Please Note: If you have a payment that has been posted to your fee bill and there are future charges listed on your account, the payment will be applied towards those charges. If you are anticipating federal aid to apply towards your fee bill, please refer to the Financial Aid Office regarding the application/acceptance process. Note: federal financial aid cannot apply back to a balance from a prior academic year.

Electronic Payment Options

Payments by electronic check, using the E-Check system, is another efficient method of payment. This service is provided free of charge by the University. E-Check payments can also be transacted directly through the Student Administration System.Students may simply login and proceed to SA Self Service> Student Homepage > Bursar Services tile > Pay Bill & Authorize Users >Make a Payment > Select Current Account Balance/Pay by Term > Click "Add" > Continue and then click "Pay by Electronic Check".

Please follow the directions and read the terms and conditions carefully when making an electronic payment.

Returned Check Fee Policy

The Office of the Bursar charges students a $30 fee for a check returned by the bank for any reason.  The Office of the Bursar will notify students with multiple returned checks that check payments will no longer be accepted and all future payments must be made in the form of money order, certified or cashier’s check, credit card, or wire transfer.

The university accepts credit and debit card payments via the Internet only. Credit card  (or debit card) payments are not taken at the cashier's window or by telephone.Students (via the Student Administration System) and Authorized Users (via the Online Bill and Payment System) can make a payment with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, BC Card, DinaCard and Diner's Club. A 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee* will apply to your transaction. This convenience fee is required to offset the expense of offering credit cards as a payment option and is paid directly to the credit card processor.

Payments can be made directly to UConn through personal bank's online bill paying system! Set up UConn the same way you would any other payee. Simply select "UConn Fee Bill" from the bank's list of payees. If the bank does not use a pre-defined list then carefully enter the name "UConn Fee Bill" as the payee. For the account number, carefully enter your student's 7-digit UConn ID number and use the address indicated below:

UConn Fee Bill
233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4100
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4100

Online bill pay is convenient, fast, secure, and free at most banks.  Please note, some bill pay payments will drop to a check and will be mailed to the Bursar's Office.  This will delay posting to the fee bill.

Graduate Assistants who would like a portion of their stipend applied to their fee bill, may apply for automatic payroll deduction. Applications are accepted online only by logging into the Student Administration System prior to the start of the semester. In order to avoid late fees, graduate students must remind their respective department to complete the payroll authorization in order to access this system.


University of Connecticut and Western Union Business Solutions have partnered to provide a convenient way for you to make payments for your tuition and other fees via WU® GlobalPay for Students payments platform.

• Pay in the currency of your choice without any fees
• Receive best rate guarantee via WU® GlobalPay for Students Price Promise*
• Your full payment amount is received by University of Connecticut – no hidden fees
• Live chat with 24/7 support
Track your payment
How to make a payment video
• When you pay via WU® GlobalPay for Students, you can choose from a wide range of local online payment options including Alipay, UnionPay, ChinaPay, INR Bank, and many more.

*If you find a lower price from your bank, we will match it. Email with GlobalPay for Students reference (starting with EUS) plus screenshots of the quote from your bank. Terms and Conditions apply.


Other Payment Options

Students with a College Savings/529 Plan, should contact the plan provider to find out exactly what it will cover, and how they will send the payment to the University. Plan payments are not initiated by the University of Connecticut, and must be requested by you. University receipt of the check is dependent upon when the check is requested from the 529 plan administrator or the Chet administrator and when the plan administrator sends the University the check.
Please expect delays when mailing payments. As soon as the University receives the payment, it is posted to the account and an email notification will be sent to your UConn email address.

Payments should contain the student’s 7-digit Student ID number and be mailed directly to the University.  Note: "Unit 4100" must be included in the address to ensure it is received by our office.

The University of Connecticut
233 Glenbrook Rd, Unit 4100
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4100

Please expect delays when mailing payments. As soon as the University receives the payment, it is posted to the account and an email notification will be sent to your UConn email address.

Payment made by mail, including registered and overnight mail, should be sent to:

University of Connecticut
233 Glenbrook Rd, Unit 4100
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4100
Note: "Unit 4100" must be included in the address to ensure it is received by our office.

Please do not send cash through the mail. Checks or money orders are the only acceptable forms of mailed payments.
Checks should be made payable to “The University of Connecticut” and must indicate the student’s 7-digit UConn ID number to ensure proper posting.

Any returned items will be assessed a $30 returned check fee.

We only accept checks in person.  The office will remain cashless.  As always, we highly encourage an electronic option be used instead during this time.

The Bursar’s Office at the Storrs Campus is located in the Wilbur Cross Building.  There is a Payment Drop Box located directly in front of our Bursar Cashier Windows where you may leave a check payment.  Please be sure to include your 7-digit ID number on the check.  You may click here and enter WCB to locate us on the map.

Becoming an Authorized User


Failure to Pay Your Bill on Time, Undergraduates

Failure to Pay Your Bill on Time, Graduates