You will need the detailed directions below in order to fill out information when you proceed to the next screen. To be successfully registered in the Horse Practicum, it is important that information is entered in the correct fields as indicated especially #1 through #3 in the Description box.

It is important to include the following registration information along with your credit card number:

  • Enter rider’s first and last name in the┬áINVOICE NUMBER box
  • Enter the following information in the DESCRIPTION box:
  2. DAY and TIME you will ride. Refer to the practicum schedule.
  3. RIDING LEVEL FOR YOUR PROGRAM (Choose one level below)
    1. Intro, Intermediate, Varsity or Players
  • Enter your Student ID number (7 digits) into the CUSTOMER ID box (located under Payment Information)


Ride 1 day a week= $435

Ride 2 days a week= $870

Ride 3 days a week= $1,305

One Polo Lesson with prior Instructor Consent= $36.25


Please select the link below and enter in your payment amount: