Refund Request

Beginning July 1, 2017, the Student Disbursement Office will only process paper refunds on Wednesdays and credit card refunds on Thursdays. The office will process direct deposit refunds Monday through Friday. We strongly encourage students to enroll in direct deposit online through student administration system to avoid any delays.

Please Note: If you have a payment that has been posted to your fee bill and there are future charges listed on your account, the payment will be applied towards those charges before any refund can be issued. For example, if you have a credit balance on your Fall 2019 fee bill, and your Spring 2020 fee bill has already been released the credit will apply to your Spring 2020 fee bill charges first before a refund can be issued.

Direct Deposit

You can receive your refund by direct deposit into your checking account if you have enrolled for this service. Please go to our Direct Deposit Website for full details.

Online Refund Request Form

Refunds for excess financial aid are processed automatically but only after your financial aid has disbursed to your account. Use this online form only if you have a credit balance that was not caused by excess federal financial aid. Check requests require three (3) business days to process from the time the request is received by the Office of the Bursar.

Note: Refunds will be issued to the payment method that caused a credit balance, there are no exceptions to this policy. Refunds will be issued by credit card, paper check, or by direct deposit into your checking account if you have enrolled for this service.

You will receive an email when your refund has been processed. It will also appear in the “Refunds” section of your Student Administration online fee bill. All regional campus refunds are mailed directly home to the mailing address that is on file in your Student Administration Account. If your refund is a direct deposit, you should check your bank account to ensure your bank has processed it. (Note: timing of deposits may vary slightly depending on your bank.)

Students who are picking up a check at the Office of the Bursar must present a photo ID.

To request a refund, log in to the Student Administration System and follow the refund request instructions.

Refund Policies

Non-Degree Student Refunds

Escheated Refunds