The Student Disbursement Office processes paper refunds on Wednesdays and credit card refunds on Thursdays. The office will process direct deposit refunds Monday through Friday. We strongly encourage students to enroll in direct deposit online through Student Administration System to avoid any delays.

General Refund Information

Refund checks for the beginning of a semester due to excess Financial Aid will be automatically issued within 14 days of Financial Aid disbursement.

Your refund check will be mailed directly to the mailing/billing address associated with your account unless you are signed up for direct deposit. The main advantage of direct deposit is that you will have access to your money faster, as the funds are deposited directly in your bank account.

Refunds are always written out in student’s name unless the refund is caused by excess funds from a Parent Plus loan.

Types of Refunds

Types of refunds

Paper Checks

Effective April 7, 2021, the Office of the Bursar is no longer able to mail refund checks to addresses outside of the United States. If you are expecting a refund and have an international mailing address, please either change your mailing address in StudentAdmin to a U.S. address, enroll in direct deposit, or request your refund be sent by international wire.

Direct Deposit

You can receive your refund by direct deposit into your checking account if you have enrolled for this service. Please go to our Direct Deposit Website for full details.

Online Refund Request Form for Paper Checks and Direct Deposit

Use the Refund Request Form in StudentAdmin only if you have a credit balance that was not caused by excess federal financial aid. Check requests require three (3) business days to process from the time the request is received by the Office of the Bursar.

Note: Refunds will be issued to the payment method that caused a credit balance.  There are no exceptions to this policy. Refunds will be issued by credit card, paper check, or by direct deposit into your checking account if you have enrolled for this service.

You will receive an email when your refund has been processed. It will also appear in the “Refunds” section of your StudentAdmin online fee bill.  If your refund is a direct deposit, you should check your bank account to ensure your bank has processed it. (Note: timing of deposits may vary slightly depending on your bank.)

To request a refund, log in to StudentAdmin and follow the refund request instructions.

Refund by International Wire

The Office of the Bursar is happy to offer refunds by international wire through Western Union GlobalPay for Students. If you are due a refund from your University fee bill and are unable to receive the funds by direct deposit to a U.S. bank account, you can now request a refund be sent by wire to your international bank account.

Once you reach the website, input your reference number from your original Western Union payment so the refund can go back to that originating bank account. If you did not pay through Western Union, leave the field blank before clicking Confirm. Please make sure to use your UConn email address in the student email section. All requests with a non-UConn email will be rejected. Click through the prompts and input your home currency, payee details, and banking information.

The Office of the Bursar Student Disbursements team will receive your request, review your account, and approve the refund as applicable. Please allow 3 – 5 business days from when you submit your request until you see the refund reflected on your University fee bill.

Please note: Any overpayment from an international payment that exceeds $2,000.00 will be returned to the originating account.

Request Refund By International Wire

Refund Hold Authorization

Refund Hold Authorization

In certain cases you may request that a credit balance be held and not be refunded.  More information can be found on our Refund Hold Authorization webpage.

529 Plan Rules Regarding Excess Distributions

529 Plan Rules Regarding Excess Distributions

If there is an excess distribution of funds the University is unable to refund the 529 plan directly. Any excess funds from a 529 plan payment will be refunded to the student. Please refer to Publication 970.pdf and consult your tax advisor or 529 plan administrator regarding the excess funds.

Full Withdrawal Refunds Versus Dropped Course Refunds

All undergraduate students who fully withdraw from the University for any reason must work with the Dean of Students Office at Storrs campus or the Office of Student Services at your regional campus to complete the withdrawal process. No refunds are made unless this procedure is followed. Non-degree students seeking to withdraw from the University must work with the Dean of Students Office at Storrs campus or the Office of Student Services at your regional campus, to complete the withdrawal process.

If you drop a course prior to Day 10 of the semester and become part-time, your tuition and fees will adjust accordingly and you may be eligible for a refund. If you drop a course after Day 10, and receive a "W" in the course, you are still financially responsible for the course and no refund will be issued.

Refund Schedule for Undergraduate and Non-Degree Students

Refund Schedule for Undergraduate and Non-Degree Students

(Based upon full withdrawal from the University)

Refund policy - general

After the first day of classes, withdrawal adjustments are made only on refundable fees according to the following schedule:

Date Refund
First day of classes 100%
Remainder of the 1st calendar week 90%
2nd week 60%
3rd and 4th week 50%
5th week through 8th week 25%

(Calendar weeks run Monday through Sunday; whatever day of the week on which the semester begins, the following Sunday ends the first calendar week.)

 Standard Refund Calendar

Fall 2022

Date Refund
August 29 100%
August 30 - September 4 90%
September 5 - September 11 60%
September 12 - September 25 50%
September 26 - October 23 25%

Spring 2023

Date Refund
January 17 100%
January 18 - January 22 90%
January 23 - January 29 60%
January 30 - February 12 50%
February 13 - March 12 25%

Summer and Winter Intersession Course Fee Refund Policy

Summer and Winter Intersession Course Fee Refund Policy

A full refund will be issued if a class is dropped by the last posted day to drop for a given summer/winter sessionless the non-refundable summer/winter enrollment fee (currently $65 for non-degree students and $45 for matriculated UConn students).

There will be no refund after the last posted day to drop for a given session. Final drop dates for all summer and winter sessions are posted on the Summer Session website and the Winter Session website.

Please note that withdrawal from a class may affect your summer or winter financial aid status.

It is your responsibility to initiate withdrawal from a summer or winter class. Non-attendance at classes or non-payment of fees does not constitute a withdrawal or relieve you of your financial obligation.

UConn Health Refunds

UConn Health Refunds

UConn Health has a specific refund schedule.pdf that is different from Storrs and the regional campuses.

Students who withdraw from UConn SOM and SODM during an academic term will receive a tuition refund based on the institutional schedule. All students who separate from UConn Health Center Medical and Dental Schools are subject to the UCH Refund Policy. Tuition refunds will be calculated based on the date that all requirements are completed to finalize the withdrawal.

Withdrawal through first calendar week of the term: 90%
Second week of the term: 80%
Third week of the term: 70%
Fourth week of the term: 60%
Fifth week of the term: 50%
Sixth week of the term: 40%
Seventh week of the term: 30%
Eighth week of the term: 20%
After eighth week of the term: No Refund

Refundable Fees:

Tuition I/S Yes
Tuition O/S Yes
Tuition NER Yes
Professional Fees Yes
Student Activity Fee No
Laptop No
Laptop sales tax No
Dental Kits No
Kit sales tax No

No fees are refundable after the 8th week of classes.

(Calendar weeks run Monday through Sunday. Regardless of the day of the week the semester begins, the following Sunday ends the first calendar week.)

Special Rules and Exceptions

Special Rules and Exceptions

Credit balances based on personal check payments will be held for 7 days before a refund check is issued.

Enrollment status must match financial aid packaging status (e.g., full-time, part-time, etc.) and the fee bill.

Refunds from international over-payments will be reviewed prior to issuing and may be returned to the original source

Credits Paying for Future Charges

Credits Paying for Future Charges

If you have a payment that has been posted to your fee bill and there are future charges listed on your account, the payment will be applied towards those charges before any refund can be issued.

For example, if you have a credit balance on your Fall 2020 fee bill, and your Spring 2021 fee bill has already been released, the credit will apply to your Spring 2021 fee bill charges first before a refund can be issued.

If the money is applied towards the Spring 2021 charges, and if you are relying on financial aid to pay the remaining balance, you must wait for the spring financial aid to disburse before a refund can be issued.

Refunds Issued in Error

Refunds Issued in Error

In the event that the Office of the Bursar issues you a refund in error, the University reserves the right to reclaim such funds.

Escheated Refunds

Escheated Refunds

If you have an un-cashed refund check, we are required to forward these outstanding funds to the State Treasurer as unclaimed property.

To see if you have a refund which has been escheated to the State of Connecticut please visit the CT Big List.

As of today all uncashed refunds from 2018 and prior have been escheated to the State of Connecticut.