Third Party Invoicing

If a student is expecting their tuition and fee bill to be paid directly to UConn by a third party (i.e. employer, sponsor, state agency, etc.) the student must submit a third party financial guarantee letter, on company letterhead, to the Office of the Bursar at Once the financial guarantee has been submitted the Office of the Bursar will, in turn, defer the fee bill based on the value and terms listed on the financial guarantee for that given semester. Any remaining balance due on the account will be the financial responsibility of the student by the published due dates. Failure to pay any remaining balance after the deferral and/or failure to submit a financial guarantee by the fee bill due date may result in accrual of late fees and a financial hold being placed on the students account. In the event the third party does not submit full or any portion of the payment the balance due will be the sole financial responsibility of the student.

Request Third Party Invoice