Taxpayer Identification Number FAQ’s

Q: Why am I receiving this notice?
A: The University was either notified by the IRS or discovered on its own that the national ID in the Student Administration system is not a US taxpayer ID (social security number, individual taxpayer identification number or adoption taxpayer identification number) or that the number provided does not match the name provided to us. As stated in the solicitation notice above, the University is required to request this information upon enrollment and to report correct information to the IRS.

Q: What can I do?

1. Provide a correct US taxpayer ID using Form W-9S as described above.

2. Notify the University that you are a non-resident alien and do not have a US taxpayer ID.

3. Confirm that the correct taxpayer ID and name is on file with the University. At times the source of a mismatch is an incorrect, incomplete, or outdated name. It is important that your complete name in the Student Administration System matches exactly what is on your SSN/ITIN card.

Q: How do I make the correction?
A: Please follow the instructions above.

Q. What is the TAX hold on my account?
A. This is the hold placed on student’s accounts who have a discrepancy with their Social Security Number. This is an administrative hold and will NOT restrict any services at the university. However, please note that you are subject to IRS penalty if you fail to furnish your correct SSN to us.

Q: Where can I go for more information?

1. IRS Form W-9S offers more information and a link is provided in the solicitation notice, above. Note that the University is required to request your US taxpayer ID and that you are required to provide your US taxpayer ID upon enrollment. Penalties may be assessed against the University or you for failure to comply.

2. Contact the Office of the Registrar at (860) 486-3331 to discuss the process of making corrections to your national ID, your citizenship indicator or the spelling of your full name if you are an Undergraduate, Non-Degree or Non-Credit student. If you are a Graduate Student, contact the Whetten Graduate Center (860) 486-3617.

3. While the University is not in a position to offer individual income tax advice to students or parents, the Tax Office may be able to provide some background information on the requirements imposed on the University and on enrolled students. The contact information is available above and also at

Q: Why am I receiving this notification as I am no longer enrolled at the University?
A: The IRS has contacted the University, and many other schools nationwide, and indicated that some student records have a missing or invalid SSN or an incorrect, incomplete, or outdated name. The University is required to request a valid SSN and name. Please see the statuatory citation and penalties associated with non-compliance in the instructions for From W9-S.