2023-2024 Storrs Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

The total Cost of Attendance (COA) includes direct educational costs (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, and food) and indirect costs.  Indirect costs include books, course materials, supplies and equipment, transportation, miscellaneous personal expenses, loan fees, and professional licensure or certification, if applicable.  For additional information about the Cost of Attendance at UConn, please visit https://financialaid.uconn.edu/cost/.

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Undergraduate Fee Bill Due Dates: Fall 8/1 and Spring 1/8

Breakdown by semester:

No. of

Health &
Wellness Fee
1 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 681 2,698 1,625 3,642 1,057 3,074
2 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 1,362 3,379 3,250 5,267 2,114 4,131
3 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 2,043 4,060 4,875 6,892 3,171 5,188
4 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 2,724 4,741 6,500 8,517 4,228 6,245
5 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 3,405 5,422 8,125 10,142 5,285 7,302
6 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 4,086 6,103 9,750 11,767 6,342 8,359
7 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 4,767 6,784 11,375 13,392 7,399 9,416
8 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 5,448 7,465 13,000 15,017 8,456 10,473
9 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 6,129 8,146 14,625 16,642 9,513 11,530
10 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 6,810 8,827 16,250 18,267 10,570 12,587
11 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 7,491 9,508 17,875 19,892 11,627 13,644
12+ 785 388 250 309 96 92 97 285* 8,166 10,468 19,500 21,802 12,675 14,977

Subtotals - assumes full-time enrollment (12+ credits):

In-state Out-of-state NE Regional
Per semester 10,468 21,802 14,977
Academic Year 2023-2024 20,936 43,604 29,954


Please Note: Excludes room and board, parking fees, and waivable fees except Husky Book Bundle.

Beginning Academic Year 2023-2024, the General University Fee, Student Health and Wellness Fee, and Infrastructure Fee are flat rates (not prorated per credit).

*Waivable fee applicable only to full-time undergraduate students (12+ credits)

New England Regional Reduced Tuition Rate

** The New England Regional reduced tuition rate applies only for New England resident students enrolled in specific majors. If a student changes majors to a non-qualifying program, the out-of-state tuition rate will be charged and financial aid may be revised.  For more information on the program, including a link to a list of qualifying majors, please visit our New England Regional Student Program website.

Summer/ Winter Tuition & Fees

Fee Facts

Mandatory Fees are subject to change with approval from the Board of Trustees. Please click here for a description of fees. 

Activity Fee: Charged to all undergraduates regardless of modality or residency, and supports student programs including The Daily Campus ($10), Undergraduate Student Government ($45), Nutmeg Publishing Yearbook ($4), WHUS Radio ($9), UConn Student Television ($5), Student Union Board of Governors ($23)

Health Insurance Fee: All full-time students are required to be covered by health insurance. Students are therefore automatically billed for the University’s health insurance plan every Fall. If the student is already covered, they can waive the health insurance fee in their Student Administration account. For specific information regarding the University health insurance plan and waiver due dates please visit the Student Health Services website.

Husky Book Bundle Fee: Through a partnership with the UConn Bookstore, full-time undergraduate students will be able to rent all required course materials for a flat fee of $285.  This is an opt-out program, and the charge will be automatically included on students’ semester tuition fee bill.  The waiver to opt-out will open 30 days prior to the start of the semester and remain open through the 10th day of classes.  Students are encouraged to delay opting-out until they receive all course syllabi and required materials to then determine if the program is financially beneficial.  For more information, please visit:  https://bookbundle.program.uconn.edu/.

Forms & Waivers

Please click here to view forms and waivers.

Failure to Pay Your Bill on Time

Hold Policy 

Students with outstanding balances of greater than $10.00 on their fee bills will have an “Academic Transcript Restricted” (TRN) hold placed on their accounts. This hold will not allow students to request their official academic transcript from the Office of the Registrar. 

Students with outstanding balances of greater than $300.00 will have a "Bursar hold" (ANT or ALL hold) placed on their accounts. Bursar holds prevent students from accessing services such as class registration, recreation services, library services, parking services, transcripts and other important services. Note, the University does not restrict access to dining services or housing. 

All students are billed by e-mail notification only. Failing to receive an e-mail bill notification does not absolve the student of the responsibility of payment by the due date. Students have 24/7 access to view any term fee bill through accessing their student account. 

Please note the following on how to remove a hold: 

Enrollment holdsare automatically removed every 15 minutes once the student pays their past-due balance. 

Administrative holdsare not automatically removed by the system. Students who pay their past-due balance must contact the Office of the Bursar to have an administrative hold removed manually. If payment is made by personal check or e-check, the Office of the Bursar must wait 7 business days to ensure the check has cleared before lifting an administrative hold. The hold can be released sooner if the student provides additional backup showing that the check has cleared. 

Late Fee Policy 

A late payment fee of $150 is payable by all students whose tuition and fees are not paid in full on the published fee bill due date. If after Day 10 of the semester, your bill remains unpaid you will be assessed a second $150 late fee. Checks returned by the bank for any reason are considered a late payment. Additionally, students will have services such as class registration denied if all fees have not been paid by the due date. 

**Please note: If you enroll in courses after the established due date- payments are due within 10 calendar days. 

Return Check Policy 

Checks returned by the bank for any reason will be removed from the account and late fees will apply. There is a $30 charge for any returned check.