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Housing and Dining Credits

Housing and dining credits began posting to student accounts on January 10th.  The credit is equal to two weeks-worth of the overall cost of the housing and/or dining fee for the Spring ‘22 semester.  The credit will first apply to any outstanding balance on the account.  Should a refund be due to you after your balance is paid in full, no action is required.  You will automatically be issued a refund either by direct deposit or one will be mailed to the home address on file in Student Admin.

If there are changes to your housing and/or meal assignments, your credit may adjust accordingly. This may result in a balance due on your account.  Please see our Housing and Dining Credits FAQ for more information regarding the credit process.

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Please call us at (860) 486-4830, 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday to speak with a Bursar representative, or use our Live Chat below.  You can also email us at

Important Information

Important Dates

  1. Jan 31 Spring 2022 Day 10 of classes12:00am
  2. Feb 15 3rd Spring Payment Plan Installment Due12:00am
  3. Mar 15 4th Spring Payment Plan Installment Due12:00am
  4. Jul 15 1st Fall Payment Plan Installment Due12:00am
  5. Aug 1 Fall Undergraduate Fee Bills Due12:00am
  6. Aug 15 2nd Fall Payment Plan Due12:00am