Tuition Waivers

Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Tuition Waivers

The below waivers are processed for qualifying students in compliance with CGS Section 10a-105 (formerly Sec.10-119a).  Please note, these waivers are specifically intended to waive tuition. Certain graduate degree and certificate programs do not charge standard tuition and instead are billed as program fees.  For programs that do not charge standard tuition, the amount waived is based upon the in-state per credit graduate tuition rate and may not cover the full cost of the semester program fees.  Additionally, not all waivers qualify for fee-based programs. Please contact for additional questions.

National Guard Tuition Waiver

National Guard Tuition Waivers for Storrs students will be processed by the Office of Veterans Affairs and Military Programs located in Hawley Armory (north tower).

The National Guard should send individual sealed forms that certify the student will receive the waiver to the Office of Veterans Affairs and Military Programs.

Veteran Tuition Waiver

The veteran must complete paperwork with the Office of Veterans Affairs (located in Hawley Armory - north tower) to qualify for the waiver. Please visit the Veteran's Affairs website.

September 11th Tuition Waiver

The State of Connecticut has passed an act (Public Act 02-126) which grants a tuition waiver for those residents of the state of Connecticut who are either dependents or spouses of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Students can complete their waiver applications by contacting the Office of Veteran Affairs and Military Programs: (860) 486-2442 or

Additional tuition waivers under the Connecticut General Statutes and further information can found on the Connecticut General Assembly website: CGS Sec. 10a-105 (e) .

Over 62 Waiver

This waiver pertains to any person 62 years of age or older who has been accepted for admission, provided this person is (1) enrolled in a degree-granting program or, (2) for a person not enrolled in a degree program, provided, at the end of the regular registration period (on or after the first day of classes), there is space available in the course in which the person intends to enroll. Students must be a Connecticut resident and 62 years old prior to the beginning of the term they wish to enroll in. The waiver is only available for fall and spring semesters, with the exception of specific cohort programs, and applies to both undergraduate and graduate tuition.  The waiver may be applicable in certain fee-based graduate programs up to the cost of full-time in-state graduate tuition. The senior tuition waiver generally does not apply to students in graduate certificate programs. A comprehensive list of those programs is available here under the "Fee-Based Programs" heading.  

For any person who receives a tuition waiver and also receives educational reimbursement from an employer, the waiver is reduced by the amount of the educational reimbursement.

Please contact for any questions. For registration inquiries, please contact the Office of the Registrar.  

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Tuition Waivers

The below waivers are established through collective bargaining agreements and are processed per the terms within those agreements.

Graduate Assistantships Waiver

For information regarding Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships and Other Aid refer to the Graduate Catalog.

If you begin your assistantship late or if it is terminated early, please refer to the Partial Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver Calculator on the Graduate Assistant page.

Graduate Assistant waivers are only available for use in Fall and Spring semesters, and are not available for use in Winter and/or Summer terms.

Employee Tuition Waivers

Employee Tuition Waivers are used for selected courses taken by certain employees defined by collective bargaining agreements and Board of Trustee actions at any of the University of Connecticut campuses. Tuition waivers ONLY cover tuition or a partial waiver of a standalone credit fee program, which is equivalent to tuition for graduate level courses on space available basis. Waivers cannot be applied to any mandatory fees, books, registration fee, application fees, etc., which the student may incur.

It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the fee bill and enrollment deadlines set forth by the offices of the Bursar and the Registrar. Tuition benefit administrative deadlines and processes outlined by Human Resources have been put in place to provide time for processing and approval of employee tuition benefit applications as per collective bargaining agreements.  Once waiver is approved please allow 4-7 business days for Bursar’s Office to post waiver to account. Please contact the Bursar and/or the Registrar’s offices for enrollment and fee bill questions.

Additional information regarding Collective Bargaining Agreement and Board of Trustee waivers can be found on the Human Resources website.