Become a FERPA Designee

FERPA Designee

In order for the University to discuss information regarding a student’s records, the student needs to grant permission by completing the FERPA Privacy Waiver at The student can designate one or more people and assign them a four character access code. This access code will be needed when the designee calls the university and wishes to receive information on the student’s account. The waiver will also let the student decide which departments can speak to the designees.

Follow the steps below with your student(s) to become a FERPA designee:

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Share My Information"
  3. Click "Manage Designees"
  4. Add/Manage Designees 
  5. Assign a 4-digit access code (Ex: Last 4-digits of phone number)
  6. Select "Student Financial Information" for Bursar access

Being a FERPA designee is not the same as being an authorized user.