Collections Office

Welcome to the Tuition Collections area of the Office of the Bursar. The Tuition Collections office assists students who are no longer enrolled at UConn and still have outstanding charges on their accounts. We are here to assist you with your inquiries regarding overdue balances.

Past-Due Student Accounts

Student accounts become past-due if the balance is not paid by the student or other source by the posted due date.

During the semester, past-due accounts are subject to Bursar Holds and late fees. Carrying a balance of $300.00 or more will restrict registration for future terms as well as other important university services, such as utilizing the rec center.

Students who have been separated from the University for reasons including graduation, failure to register, dismissal, etc. and owe any past-due balance will enter the collection cycle, detailed on the Collections Timeline below.

Payment Plans

UConn has partnered with Flywire to offer payers secure and flexible payment plan options for past-due student account balances who have not yet been placed with a collection agency.

Once an account is considered past-due and a student is no longer enrolled at UConn, eligible students, based on account balance, will receive a “Welcome Email” from Flywire with instructions on setting up an account and information on a variety of available payments plans, if applicable.

Plans cost $100.00 to enroll and do not carry any interest or additional fees. If your offered plans do not fit your budget, the Office of the Bursar Collections team can work with you to create a customized monthly plan.

NOTE: even when enrolled in a plan, students will not be permitted to register for a new term or access selected University services until the balance is paid in full.

Collections Timeline

Once you leave UConn and your student status is updated, you will enter UConn’s collection cycle. Within a month, Flywire will be in touch via email and text (if consent was received via your student financial agreement) with a link to set up an account and with information on payment plan options.

Your contact information in the student administration must be up to date in order for us to reach you. Please remember to update your email address and phone number if they change.

  • Day 1 to 90 – students are sent multiple payment plan offers, reminder emails, and texts to encourage them to set up a payment plan or to pay their bill in full.
  • Day 91 to 150 – students are offered alternative payment plans via email and text. During this time, 30-day warning letters are mailed home prior to the account being placed with an external collection agency. These letters also signify when UConn will utilize tools like CT State Treasury Offset to collect on the balance due.
  • Day 150 – students will be sent a letter home notifying them of placement with an external collection agency. Payment plan offers are now expired, and students must work directly with the collection agency to pay the balance due.

Collection Agencies

UConn partners with two external collection agencies, Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC and Key 2 Recovery, Inc., who will begin sending you communications once your account has been placed with them.

Our agencies offer payment plan options as well. Once your account is placed with an agency, you must work with them directly to make payments. Payment plans through UConn will no longer be available. UConn does not utilize credit reporting or charge additional collection fees, so there is no additional charge to you for being placed with a collection agency.


Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC


Direct Message


 Key 2 recovery, Inc.


Questions/ Concerns

If you have general questions regarding your balance, please contact the Bursar’s Office at or 860-486-4830. Questions regarding past-due payment plans can be directed to