Becoming an Authorized User

Becoming an Authorized User is a very important step to becoming involved and staying informed about your student's University fee bill. 

Note, Authorized Users do not receive e-bill notifications for the summer and winter sessions.

Students are able to grant one or more authorized users access to their financial information, including the ability to view charges on the account, pay the bill, or enroll in a payment plan. An authorized user can be parent/guardian, family member, employer, or any other person the student wishes to have access to their account. Adding an authorized user to an account is quick and easy.

Option 1: Authorized User Requests Access (Instructions with Photos)

  1. Visit .
  2. Click “Create New Account.”
  3. Click “No” when asked if you are a current of former student.
  4. Click “Create Your Authorized User Account.” (name, email, password)
  5. Verification email will be sent to email address provided to activate the account. (Please check inbox, spam, junk and promotions for an email from Flywire).
  6. Login to Flywire with email address/password.
  7. Next, the Authorized User is required to verify the student’s ID number and date of birth.
  8. Flywire sends an email to the students email address indicating that the Authorized User has requested access to the student’s account in Flywire.
  9. Once approved, the Authorized User receives email notification that the student approved and the Authorized User has been established.
  10. If the student does not approve, the AU account will remain in pending status.

Option 2: Student adds an Authorized User to his/her account in Flywire

  1. Login to Student Admin.
  2. Click "Bursar Services tile."
  3. Click "Pay Bill & Authorize Users."
  4. Click “Manage Authorized Users” option from the “Actions” menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Select the option to add an Authorized User.
  6. Enter the name and email address for the Authorized User.
  7. Then, an email will be sent to the individual whom the student set up.
  8. The Authorized User can then select a password to accompany the email address as the login credentials.
  9. After successful login, the Authorized User will then be able to view the student’s account in Flywire.