Current Collections Status for Non-Student Accounts Receivable

Standard collection efforts

UConn Accounts Receivable (AR) regularly performs collections duties on non-student accounts:

AR typically:

  • Mails quarterly statements to customers with balances due
  • Mails past due customers dunning letters requesting payment
  • Places past due customer accounts with an outside collection agency
  • Places past due customer accounts with DAS for tax offset
  • Places holds on UConn student accounts with non-student balances at the request of the department

Guidance to departments from AR

Departments are responsible for ensuring their departmental invoices are paid. 

To this effect, AR advises departments to:

  • Reach out to their customers with open invoices
  • Offer electronic payment options (detailed instructions provided below)
  • Offer assistance to customers in need of modifications to their payment terms/payment plans
    • If customers are offered leniency, please edit the customer in KFS, attach a note to the customer account with specific details of the leniency, and attach the email or any documentation supporting the agreement between the department and customer
    • Details on editing customers in KFS can be found beginning on page 15 of the KFS Cash and AR Procedure Guide.

Electronic Payment Options


Any customer is welcome to pay their KFS invoice online via ACH/electronic check.  There is no fee associated with paying by these means for either the department or customer.

Note, however, the customer must have the invoice number and/or customer number to process a payment online with ACH/eCheck.  To pay online via ACH/eCheck, use the UConn Marketplace for Invoice & Rent ACH Payments.

Credit/Debit Cards:

For any department seeking the ability to offer customers to pay online with a credit/debit card, the department can complete the Marketplace Request Form and return via email to  In lieu of signatures, it is necessary to include the appropriate Fiscal Officer and Dean/Director on the email to in order to confirm their approval.

Please note, departments are charged a 2.25% processing fee for payments received via credit/debit card purchases (billed monthly).  The customer must know the name of the UConn department for which the invoice was generated, as well as knowing the invoice number and/or customer number in order to submit payment.

Require additional information?

For additional information regarding payment options, please contact Cash Operations at

For additional information regarding invoices or collections, please contact Accounts Receivable at