Cash Operations – Accounts Payable Disbursements

Office of the Bursar Cash Operations processes the disbursement of outgoing vendor invoice payments approved by Accounts Payable.  Disbursements are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Any additional questions may be directed to

General Disbursement Overview

  • An invoice is created in HuskyBuy by either the department or Accounts Payable.
  • Once the invoice is fully approved in HuskyBuy, the payment request will process overnight to KFS and will pay out with next disbursement date.  If the invoice has a future due date, the payment will disburse the week of that due date.
  • Cash Operations processes accounts payable disbursements on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   All invoices approved by end of business day Monday with a due date of Wednesday or earlier, will be issued on Tuesday.  All invoices approved by end of business day Wednesday with a due date of the following Monday or earlier, will be issued on Thursday.
  • Checks marked for Special Handling are typically available for pick-up at Cash Operations Thursday afternoon if issued on a Tuesday, or Monday afternoon if issued on a Thursday.
  • Please note, international wires are processed on Wednesdays only.


Payment Methods

The University of Connecticut offers the following payment methods for our suppliers.

ACH – All outgoing ACH payments are processed through Bank of America Paymode-X.  To enroll, suppliers need to contact Paymode directly at 1-800-331-0974 Mon – Fri. 8-5 pm EST or by email at

Virtual Payables – Suppliers can enroll to be paid through virtual payables (ghost credit card) by completing this form and returning to

Check – Any supplier who is not enrolled for one of the above electronic payment methods will be paid by paper check.

International Wire – Payment can be made to foreign bank accounts in the vendor’s home currency.  More information can be found on our Departmental Domestic and International Wire Transfer Procedures.

Please note, suppliers who are individuals currently can receive payment by check, direct deposit, or international wire when applicable.  To enroll for direct deposit, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn't the vendor's invoice been paid yet?  First, make sure the invoice has been submitted in HuskyBuy.  If it has, check if the invoice doc has a Payable status in HuskyBuy.  If it does not, then it likely is not fully approved.  Check to see what approvals still remain.  If the invoice has been fully approved and is marked as Payable, check the due date.  The payment will not go out until the week of the due date.  Keep in mind Cash Operations processes disbursements on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

The vendor says they did not receive their check payment.  Now what?  Confirm that the remit address used on the invoice is correct and matches to the address on the vendor's invoice.  Please email to request the check be reissued to either the same address or note if it needs to go to a different remit address.  We do ask the vendor to wait at least 2 - 3 weeks to ensure it is not delayed due to mail services before we reissue payment.

The vendor wants to receive payment directly to their bank account. How can we set that up?  The University has partnered with Bank of America Paymode-X for our outgoing vendor ACH payments.  Utilizing the bank's service enhances the security of the vendor's banking information.  Please have the vendor contact Paymode directly at 1-800-331-0974 Mon – Fri. 8-5 pm EST or by email at to enroll to receive ACH payments from UConn.  The only exception is if the vendor is an individual, in which case please contact for additional information.

The vendor says they did not receive the full amount that was due.  Why?  First confirm the amount on the HuskyBuy invoice is correct.  If it is not, contact Accounts Payable.  If it is the correct amount, ask the vendor if they are enrolled for Paymode-X Premium ACH payments.  Premium ACH payments have a 1.5% network fee, so the amount received by the vendor will be 1.5% less than what UConn initiated. Vendors do have the option to enroll in Basic ACH, which has no fee.