Depositing Departmental Receipts to Cash Operations

All departments that receive cash and/or check should make deposits to the Cash Operations office located on the first floor of the Wilbur Cross building behind the Bursar Cashier’s office.

Any deposit should first be input as a Cash Receipt (CR) in Kuali Financial System. For instructions on how to create a CR, please visit our Cash Operations and Accounts Receivable Knowledge Base articles.

All deposits brought to the Cash Operations office must be delivered in a sealed fraud-stopper bag. These bags are currently provided by the Cash Operations office, but you may also use your own as long as they are tamper-proof. Two copies of the Cash Receipt Form are to be filled out with each deposit and left outside of the fraud-stopper bag.

According to state statute 4-32, all deposits totaling $500.00 or more must be deposited within 24 hours of being received. All deposits under $500.00 need to be deposited within 7 calendar days of being received. The received date should be indicated (hand-written or by stamp) on each check that you receive in your office, and it is recommended that the received date of the deposit is written as a note in your Cash Receipt e-doc.




All bills must face the same direction and denominations must be banded as follows:

$100 bills 10 per pack totaling $1,000 or 20 per pack totaling $2,000.00
$50 bills 20 per pack totaling $1,000 or 40 per pack totaling $2,000.00
$20 bills 50 per pack totaling $1,000 or 100 per pack totaling $2,000.00
$10 bills 50 per pack totaling $500 or 100 per pack totaling $1,000.00
$5 bills 50 per pack totaling $250 or 100 per pack totaling $500.00
$1 bills 50 per pack totaling $50 or 100 per pack totaling $100.00

Please do not band cash in any way different from what is stated above.



Any coin that can be rolled must be rolled as follows:

.25 40 quarters totaling $10
.10 50 dimes totaling $5
.05 40 nickels totaling $2
.01 50 pennies totaling $.50


Coin wrappers can be ordered through the university’s supply catalog.  Cash Operations will supply coin wrappers in small quantities to small-volume departments.  Coin that is of insufficient quantity to wrap should be contained in a sealed envelope.  Please do not send loose coin.

Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank.  Any checks that are drawn on a foreign bank will be returned to the department.  The only exception to this rule is Canadian checks.  We will accept checks drawn on Canadian banks in U.S. dollars only.

To demonstrate compliance with CGS 4-32, the date a check is received in your office should always be indicated on the check. This can be done with a “received dd/mm/yy” stamp, or by simply handwriting this information on the front of the check.