Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I attended the University of Connecticut, why am I being billed by ECSI?

Heartland ECSI is the loan service company that the University uses to process and maintain payment records.

  1. When do I have to begin repayment of my loan(s)?

The Perkins Loan Program offers the borrower a 9-month grace period after separation.

  1. How often are payments due?

Payments for the Perkins Loan Program are due every month.

  1. I haven't graduated, so why am I being billed?

When a borrower leaves school for whatever reason, or falls below half-time status, the loan is entered into repayment. If you have returned to school at least half-time, you must either file a deferment form with us or your school must report academic enrollment through the National Student Clearinghouse. In either case, it is ultimately your responsibility to see that your loan is deferred.

  1. What do I do if I cannot make my regularly scheduled installment payment?

Anytime you encounter temporary financial difficulties, you may contact us in writing or by telephone to discuss your options.  Perkins loan borrowers may be eligible for a hardship deferment, unemployment deferment, or general forbearance.

  1. To Whom do I make my check payable?

The University of Connecticut, c/o Educational Computer Systems, Inc. Please be sure to include your complete student account number on your check for accurate and timely processing.

  1. May I make payments on my loan(s) during periods where payments are not due?

Yes, you may make payments, but no billing statements will be sent to you. Please include your full account number on your check.

  1. Will I be subject to a penalty if I choose to pay off some or all of my Perkins Loans early?

No. There is no prepayment penalty associated with the Perkins Loan Program

  1. How are my payments applied to my loan?

The payment hierarchy is as follows:

  • Collection Costs (if your loan is with an outside collection agency)
  • Late/Penalty Fees
  • Past Due Interest
  • Past Due Principal
  • Current Due Interest
  • Current Due Principal
  1. How is interest calculated on my Perkins loan?

The Perkins Loan utilizes a simple interest calculation based on the principal balance at the time of billing.

  1. Can automatic payments be made toward my loan(s) so that I don't have to worry about them?

You can set up automatic installment payments for your Perkins Loan.  To do so, please go to the Heartland ECSI website.

  1. How do I obtain information regarding the status of my account(s)?

You can check your account online through Heartland ECSI (our billing servicer). You will be required to establish a user name and password.

  1. I am currently in a collection agency and want to repay in full. Can I have my collection costs waived?

No, you would need to work with the collection agency to discuss payment arrangements and/or deferment options.    The only time we would waive collection costs is if it was our error, or for extenuating circumstances (one time basis).

  1. I want my parent/guardian/third party to get information about my Perkins loan, what do I need to do?

Log on to and complete release.  You may then list the names of the people you would like to allow us to give your Perkins Loan information to.

  1. Can you please explain IBR (Income Based Repayment)?

Income Based Repayment Plans are not allowed for Perkins Loans.