Perkins/NFLP Holds and Late Payments

Why do I have a Perkins/NFLP hold on my records?

The three primary reasons why you may have a Perkins/NFLP hold on your records are:

  • Your loan account is past due.
  • Your loan data information form is incomplete or not properly filled out.
  • You have not completed loan exit counseling or are missing information associated with the exit interview. Please visit ECSI to complete your exit interview.

Account Delinquency

It is important that you keep your account current. Please contact the Perkins Office before you miss a payment to discuss payment and/or deferment options.

Failure to pay or to file proper deferment in a timely manner may result in:

  • Hold on transcripts
  • Loss of eligibility for any new or additional student financial aid
  • Damage to your credit rating
  • Late Fees
  • Loss of cancellation and deferment benefits
  • Interception of Connecticut tax refund
  • Placement of your account with a collection agency (including associated collection and legal costs)
  • Assignment of your account to the Federal government

Once you have fulfilled your requirements you must contact the UConn Federal Perkins Loan Office to have your hold removed.

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