Payment Plans

The UCONN Office of the Bursar has begun transitioning to a new payment platform powered by Flywire. The new payment system will provide users with robust features and a simple design that makes it easier than ever to navigate the sometimes stressful and confusing process of making education payments.

The new payment platform will be available in June, which is typically when fall fee bills are issued. More information will be provided as we approach the release of fall fee bills.

**Please note the UCONN Office of the Bursar has begun transitioning to a new payment platform powered by Flywire.  Authorized Users cannot be added until the beginning of June when the new platform is launched.**

Billing & Payments

UCONN makes student financial account information available online 24x7 with a modern and intuitive payment experience through the Student Administration System, powered by our partner, Flywire. Log in to to easily view your account, make payments, or set up a payment plan online. Seamlessly view and manage your account with easy-to-navigate tabs:

  • Account Summary – View your current balance due, make a one-time payment, enroll in a payment plan, or add/manage Authorized Users.
  • Account Activity – View and print account activity by term or date range. Download dynamic bill statements to save or print.
  • Payment Plans – View payment plan offerings. Activate and manage your plan to pay your balance in affordable monthly installments.
  • Make Payment – Pay by ACH/direct debit or credit/debit card. There is a 2.75% processing fee assessed by our vendor on each credit/debit card transaction. 
  • E-check  – Returned e-check fee is now $30.00 and will be directly debited from the payor's bank account instead of being charged to their fee bill.

Make a Payment Online

Log in to StudentAdmin with your ID and password and please navigate to the Bursar Services Tile and click Pay Bill & Authorize Users to make a payment online, 24x7.

View Account Summary to find your balance due. Click on Make Payment to complete the easy and simple payment process. Options include:

  • ACH/direct debit - securely add your preferred bank account for easy payment each time.
  • Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, ATM debit cards) - securely add your preferred card for easy checkout every time you pay. There is a 2.75% processing fee assessed by our vendor on each credit/debit card transaction. 

Payment Plans

Educational expenses can be easier to manage when spread over predictable monthly payments. UCONN offers interest-free payment plans as an alternative to one large payment to help limit loan borrowing and ease financial pressures. Students and designated authorized users may contribute to a payment plan to pay for eligible student charges.

Payment plans are available during fall and spring semesters only. 

Some of the features of our payment plans include:

  • 24x7 self-service account access to view and manage active payment plans via StudentAdmin.
  • The ability for students to add one or more authorized users to have access to their account to make payments toward a payment plan, or enroll in a payment plan on behalf of their student.


  • All students who owe more than $300 for the current term qualify.
  • Authorized Users can enroll in a payment plan on behalf of their student.
  • Students and Authorized Users must be willing to allow automatic withdrawals from a personal U.S. checking account or scheduled charges to debit or credit card.
  • The student account must be in good standing. If the student has past due balances, he or she must first pay off their outstanding balance.

Payment Plan Ownership

Students or one of the student's Authorized Users can enroll in a Payment Plan.  If the student enrolls, the student is owner of the plan; if an Authorized User enrolls, that individual is the owner of the plan.  This is important because only the owner of the plan can change the payment method.  Both the student and ALL of the student’s Authorized Users will receive Payment Plan notifications by email.

    Payment Plan Set Up

    Enrolling in a payment plan is simple, and students can quickly set up a payment plan by following the steps below.

    • Once logged in, navigate to the Payment Plans tab to view the payment plan options available to you.
    • Select the payment plan option that best meets your needs.
    • Add your preferred payment method and activate the plan.

    Payment Plan Cost

    There is a $100 non-refundable sign-up fee for the Fall and Spring plans. The sign-up fee is deducted from your bank account or charged to your debit or credit card as soon as you complete the enrollment process.

    Payment plans available for Fall term

    Students who enroll in a payment plan from June through July 20th may split their balance into the following equal installments:

    • 5 installments due 7/20, 8/20, 9/20, 10/20, 11/20
    • 4 installments due 7/20, 8/20, 9/20, 10/20
    • 3 installments due 7/20, 8/20, 9/20

    Students who enroll in a payment plan after July 20th through August 20th  may split their balance into the following equal installments:

    • 4 installments due 8/20, 9/20, 10/20, 11/20
    • 3 installments due 8/20, 9/20, 10/20

    Students who enroll in a payment plan after August 20th through September 20th may split their balance into the following equal installments:

    • 3 installments due 9/20, 10/20, 11/20

    Changing your Payment Method

    Only the Payment Plan owner has the ability to change the payment method. To do so, the owner should:

    1. Once logged in, select the Payment Plans tab
    2. Click on the Manage autopay button, then change or update the payment method for upcoming installments
    3. Any changes or updates to the Payment Method must be completed no later than one calendar day before the date of the scheduled automatic installment.

    For example, if a payment is scheduled for October 5 and the Payment Plan owner would like to change the bank account the automatic installment payment will be drawn from, he or she must do so by midnight, Eastern Time, on October 4. Otherwise, the installment payment will be drawn from the old bank account instead of the new one.

    Multiple Payment Plans

    Students can have only one active payment plan at a time during an academic term. Even if a student has more than one Authorized User, they may only have one payment plan for a payment plan period. For example, two Authorized Users cannot both have a fall term Payment Plan for the same student.

    If a student does not enroll prior to the fee bill due date of August 1st for the fall term, they may receive a hold and/or late fees. Students may not enroll in a payment plan after September 20th 

    If a student fails to make two (2) or more installment payments OR misses their 10/20 payment, they will be dropped from the plan and their delinquent balance will be due immediately which will result in a hold being placed on their account and subject to late fees.

    Flexible Support Options

    The new payment system, Flywire, is able to provide email and phone support to assist you with the following:

    • Account Support (eg. resetting passwords, update email addresses, help for Authorized Users)
    • Troubleshooting Support (eg. technical issues, login assistance)
    • Payment & Payment Support (eg. payment plan options, updating payment methods, how to make a payment

    Flywire's team of dedicated payment experience experts provides around-the-clock support to help your students and families navigate the payment process. In addition to emailing, FMS Users and Payers can call us at:

    United States: +1 (857) 287-3823

    International: +1 (857) 287-3818

      Authorized Users

      Authorized Users cannot be added until the beginning of June when the new platform is launched.

      You are able to grant one or more authorized users access to your financial information, including the ability to view charges on your account, pay your bill, or enroll in a payment plan on your behalf. An authorized user can be parent/guardian, family member, employer, or any other person you wish to have access to your account. Adding an authorized user to your account is quick and easy.

      Path #1: Authorized User Requests Access

      • Authorized User selects “Create New Account” on the Flywire homepage.
      • Authorized User completes the “Create Your Authorized User Account” (name, email, password).
      • Next, the Authorized User receives an email to verify his/her email address and to activate the account.
      • The Authorized User is prompted to login to Flywire with email address/password.
      • The Authorized User is required to verify the student’s ID number and date of birth.
      • Flywire sends an email to the student indicating that the Authorized User has requested access to the student’s account in flywire.
      • Once approved, the Authorized User receives notification that the Authorized User has been established.
      • If the student does not approve, the AU account will remain in pending status.

      Path #2: Student adds an Authorized User to his/her account in Flywire

      • The student logs into Flywire and selects the “Manage Authorized Users” option from the “Actions” menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
      • The student selects the option to add an Authorized User.
      • The student will enter the name and email address for the Authorized User.
      • Then, an email will be sent to the individual whom the student set up.
      • The Authorized User can then select a password to accompany the email address as the login credentials.
      • After successful login, the Authorized User will then be able to view the student’s account in Flywire.