Private Scholarship Deferment

You may request a deferment for outside scholarships that are not processed through the UConn Financial Aid Office. If you have an outside (i.e., private) scholarship that has not yet been listed as a credit on your latest bill we will temporarily defer the value of the scholarship for a short period of time until your scholarship is received by the university. We will not defer scholarships which are contingent upon any criteria (based on a course grade, number of credits, GPA, etc.). As of Spring 2022, scholarships requiring Full-Time enrollment may be deferred. To request a deferment for outside scholarships you must mail, fax, or email a copy of the scholarship letter to our office and the Financial Aid Office.

Mail: 233 Glenbrook Rd Unit 4100, Storrs, CT 06269

Fax: (860)486-5234


If the scholarship letter is equal or greater than $2,000.00 and does not indicate otherwise, the scholarship will be split between the fall and the spring semester. Scholarships less than $2,000.00 will not be split.

Scholarship letters must be sent to us every semester, prior to the due date. It is your responsibility to ensure we have received the scholarship letter and deferred the scholarship on your account to avoid any late fees or holds. Deferrals will be extended until 10/16 for the fall term and 3/16 for the spring term, if the payment is not received by the expiration date, it is the student’s responsibility to make the payment and followup with the appropriate scholarship organization. 

NOTE: Please be aware that outside scholarships that haven’t been reported to the UConn Financial Aid Office may reduce your final aid package, especially if you are receiving University Grants.