Accounts Receivable FAQs

1. Am I required to invoice customers through KFS? What is the benefit to using the KFS AR Module for processing customer invoices?

The university requires a receivable be created in KFS for any goods and/or services provided by the university.  Department revenue accounts are funded at the time the invoice (and related receivable) is created.

2. My department needs to invoice the UConn Health Center (UCH). How do I go about billing them?

UCH is billed through KFS using customer account UCO8414.  To locate detailed step-by-step instructions on billing UCH, please see Appendix B at the end of the KFS Cash and AR Procedure Guide (located on the main AR web page).

3. My department needs to invoice another state agency. How do I go about billing the other agency?

Other state agencies are billed through KFS.  To locate detailed step-by-step instructions on billing other state agencies, see Appendix C at the end of the KFS Cash and AR Procedure Guide (located on the main AR web page).

4. I need to invoice a customer and do not see a customer set up in KFS. Can I create a new customer?

Yes, please!

  • When creating a new customer as an individual, you must enter as Last name, First name.
  • If you are entering an organization as a new customer, be sure to enter the organization name and not the contact name at the organization as the individual contact will not be financially responsible.

5. After creating a Customer Invoice, I reloaded the eDoc and clicked the ‘Print’ button and nothing happened. How do I print out the invoice(s)?

A new web page should have opened.  Verify your pop-up blocker is disabled.  If a message appears at the top of your screen, select to ‘always allow KFS to open the file’.  Also, be sure to clear your browser cache.

6. I submitted an invoice and immediately realized the customer was billed the wrong amount, what do I do now?

A Customer Credit Memo must be prepared (see page 23 of the KFS Cash and AR Procedural Guide).  Credit memos are used to cancel an invoice (or a portion thereof) based on either a reduction in the unit quantity or dollar amount.  If your customer has already received a copy of the invoice, you will need to mail the customer the credit memo for their records.  The credit memo is available to be printed from the eDoc after it has been approved by the Fiscal Officer and an AR Manager. Note: Any time a customer credit memo is entered, you must have adequate backup supporting the reason for the invoice cancellation, this includes attaching emails, referencing eDoc numbers, etc. 

7. I have a large number of invoices to generate, will the invoices need to be input one at a time?

No, KFS has an invoice upload feature which allows the user to upload batches of invoices.  Contact the AR Office at for additional information.

8. What KFS account and object code am I supposed to use when setting up the invoice/receivable?

These fields refer to the intended income account(s). If you have questions as to what KFS object code to use, the Accounting Office’s website has information on KFS Object Codes. If you still have questions as to which object code to use, you may contact the Accounting Office.

9. Who is responsible for sending a KFS invoice to a customer?

The department initiating the invoice is responsible for sending the invoice to the customer.  Once the invoice is submitted in KFS, scroll to the bottom of the invoice and click ‘reload’.  Once the eDoc is reloaded, scroll back to the bottom and click ‘Print’.  This produces a PDF which can be printed and mailed or saved and sent as an attachment via email.

10. The customer I am invoicing needs to set UConn up as a vendor in their financial system, who completes this paperwork for the customer?

The Bursar’s Office policy is to have the department providing the services to the customer to complete and submit vendor forms for customers.  Most vendor forms require:

  1. UConn’s remit to address (where payments should be mailed). The correct remit to address is:
    UConn Cash Operations, 233 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4231, Storrs, CT  06269-4231.
  2. UConn’s W-9 Form – This form can be downloaded from the following Tax & Compliance Office webpage:
  3. UConn’s ACH bank account information can be requested by completing this form.
  4. If the vendor form requires a UConn contact name and phone number, this should be the departmental contact information.

11. How can customers pay an invoice?  Is there an option for credit cards?

The AR payment information page details the various acceptable payment options.

12. How do I view the revenue from an invoice? How can I check whether a customer paid an invoice?

As soon as an invoice is created, the department’s account(s) on the invoice receive the revenue immediately. You cannot tell whether an invoice is paid by looking at your revenue. To view whether an invoice has been paid, you may access the Customer History Report in KFS. If payment is not remitted, the invoice ultimately is written off, and the revenue is reversed from your department’s KFS account.

13. My customer received a statement but I submitted their payment via an Advance Deposit or Cash Receipt.  Why are they being sent a statement if they paid?

Advance Deposits and Cash Receipts do not relieve receivables.  There are only 2 means in which a receivable can be relieved:

  1. Cash control and payment application (typically performed by Cash Ops)
  2. Customer Credit Memo

If payment is received and a cash control and payment application are not created, then your customer will continue to receive statements/past due notices indicating a balance is due. This makes it extremely important for departments to properly relieve their receivables.

14. Is AR the same as AP?  What is the difference, if any?

Customers and Vendors are NOT the same.

Customers make payments to UConn, and Vendors are paid by UConn.

Accounts Receivable receives customer payments.  Accounts Payable pays vendors.

See key below:

  1. UConn Receiving Funds = AR = Customer = KFS
  2. UConn Paying Funds = AP = Vendor = Husky Buy

15. I need to set up a customer invoice in KFS but I am receiving a message indicating I am ‘not authorized’. What steps do I need to follow in order to be authorized to set up invoices in KFS?

To be authorized to have the ability to enter invoices in KFS, you must complete the online access request form.  Once the form is submitted, it will be routed via a workflow to your supervisor for approval, then to ITS to complete set up.