Cash Handling Training

Any staff involved in their department’s cash collection process is required to complete the Cash Handling Training annually. “Cash” includes coin, currency, and check.  The training is typically rolled out in the Fall with completion required by 12/31.  Cash handling training will cover the principles of proper cash handling, and how to protect and accurately record University assets.

The training is available through the Learning@Work platform for all staff.  Student employees who require the annual training will be able to access through HuskyCT.  Effective 2021, anyone who does not successfully complete the training by the annual deadline will have their access to depositing eDocs in KFS revoked.  To regain access, you must first complete the training and then submit an Enterprise Financials Access Request form for “KFS Funds Depositing”.  This request will not be approved until successful completion of the training.  New hires who will have cash handling job functions must take the training before they will be granted access to depositing eDocs as well.