Graduate Certificate Programs

The University offers a variety of Graduate Certificate Programs across various departments.

Tuition Waivers that can be applied to Graduate Certificate Programs are approved Employee Tuition Waivers, Graduate Assistant Tuition Waivers, Veterans Affairs Tuition Waivers and National Guard Waivers.


Please note: If you are receiving a waiver for AY2022-2023, the waiver is equivalent to $825 per credit or $900 per credit (see program costs below).  The waiver will not exceed the graduate full-time in-state rate of $9,087 for 9+ credits. Students are responsible for residual fees after the waiver is applied.


For cost and information regarding Business School Certificates, please visit their website.


The following Online Graduate Certificates are $825 per credit:

The following Online Graduate Certificates are $900 per credit:


Please Note: Mandatory Fees are subject to change with approval from the Board of Trustees.

    For more information on eCampus Graduate Certificate Programs please visit the eCampus website.